The 3 video’s finally went through. I will edit them together next time—-KEWL HUH??? Here they are: Oct.30 Oct.31 Oct.31——–Lots of Steelies and some Big Browns. Coho’s and Kings are still in–getting old though.—–Stoney


The salmon are still in. The concentrations are upstream and the creeks. Tons of Steelies. Got to fish for them if you want to catch them. Big monster browns. I am having a “STONEY SPECIAL” for the next 2 weeks: $25 a person for bunkhouses and $30 a person for house trailers per night (minimal 3 people in bunk houses and minimal 4 people for house trailers.)—Stoney


Sorry I had the date wrong last report, lol. Lots of steelhead. Huge run out back today, on the move. Should be at the trestle tomorrow. Got to find the concentrations of these schools. Don’t spend too much time in any pool that’s not producing. Salmon are upstream, trout are everywhere.—-Stoney


The river is still a 1 gate=750cfs. Perfect. “UNBELIEVABLE” amounts of Steelhead and Browns coming into the river. Of course more Steelies than Browns. Coho’s are big and colorful. Lots of fresh Kings and spent Kings (depends where you fish). Still the occasional “ATLANTIC.” The only people not catching them are the novices (don’t be afraid to ask where and how to fish). Upstream are the numbers of Kings and I got a report from a reliable camper that he hooked and landed 11 steelies and lost another 10 In Douglaston today–(0OOOFA!!!) An absolute necessity for novices is “LEARN THE REVERSE SNELLED KNOT”. There is nothing I can find on the internet about this special knot. I will be making an instructional video (soon-immediately!!) on how this know is tied and how it is ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY ESSENTIAL for salmon fishing with a “SPINNING ROD”. A lot of people “DO NOT LIKE THIS KNOT” (and I am certain I will hear it) BUT,—the truth is “you don’t need to lift which will get you into trouble. With the correct lighter leader (fluorocarbon which is invisible) you can catch these fish because (whether invoked or not) “THEY WILL HOOK THEMSELVES”!!!! (WE ARE TALKING ABOUT “SALMON” HERE FELLA’S!!!) YOU CAN CATCH SALMON AND GET YOUR LIMITS WHILE FISHING ETHICALLY. One of the best ways to fish for them is fly fishing–because you can see your line bend slightly when they mouth the hook and then set the hook which can never happen if you are spin fishing—EXCEPT!!!—if you use a “LINE INDICATOR” on your line–OR–use colored line(spin fishing). I am not saying fly fishing is better–All I am saying is their techniques catch more fish!!! —THE REASON I AM SAYING ALL THIS IS (FOR SPIN FISHERMAN) :

1)”I see people for years (and especially newbies) trying to obey the rules and not get fish.

2) When you hook the fish the only way you will lose them (besides not having a good hook-set of course) is by not having the correct drag or not fighting the fish correctly.

3)Drifting by fish (sometimes a bunch) and your line goes through them the hook pulls out because when tying a regular knot on your hook it can point in ANY Direction.

4) Anyone I have showed this knot to has come back (usually early) with fish saying “STONEY YOUR RIGHT!!!”.

I am sure there will be posts calling me a snagger but when properly and ethically used this knot gets you great hook sets on fish instead of drifting through fish and not hooking anything.—“YOU DON’T NEED TO GET FRUSTRATED AND START LIFTING EXCESSIVELY”!!! Also a phenomenal tip is “IF YOU GET BELOW THE FISH—HE WILL COME IN TO SHORE”—don’t let the fish control you–control the fish!!!!! New line is a must. With a longer pole and lighter line these few tips can help you immensely!! Pole always up (unless steering the fish) and reel down. Never reel in when your drag is screaming or you will twist your line and then it is un-useable. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE FISH AND TIGHTEN YOU DRAG!!!!!!!!!! There are many extra tips I can tell you about netting the fish, ect. “ASK ME”!!!

P.S. To all the tree-huggers I just pissed off. Please Don’t be afraid to GFY’s!!!———–FISH-ON—-><)))((,*>—Stoney


We are still cutting up fish. Seeing a nice number of BIG BROWNS!!! Some Domestic Rainbows, LOTS OF STEELIES!!!! And an occasional Atlantic Salmon. Some fish still have tight skiens(eggs) which indicate fresh fish still coming up. Got to go cut fish.—-Later—–Stoney


FISH ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Water is at 2000cfs, which is too high for crossing the river but people are fishing the diversions in the river and the bigger holes. Orwell and Trout Brook, South Sandy and all surrounding streams are loaded as well. We have been cleaning a ton of fish. The Steelies are in. Some Browns. Very few Atlantics. The river was at 22,000cfs with a peak of 26,000 when it had flooded last week. That was crazy. People were fishing in the Altmar parking lot. ——Stoney


THEY RAISED THE RIVER TO 8,000 CFS (FLOOD STAGE) +RUN-OFF. TORRENTIAL RAINS HAVE FLOODED THE RESERVOIR. STAY AWAY FROM THE MAIN RIVER!!!!! FISH THE SMALLER CREEKS!!!! Trout Brook and Orwell Creek, South Sandy, Grindstone Creek Ect. Fish the smaller creeks. We cleaned a lot of fish from these smaller creeks today. A bunch of steelhead have entered the river. It rained cats and dogs today. The rains have since stopped. The waterline number is 1-800452-1742–site code 365123. This is the number to find out the predicted water levels. FISH SMART, STAY ALIVE. When the main river goes down it will be a blood bath. We plan on cleaning a ton of fish tomorrow from these creeks. THINK!!!!!!!—LISTEN!!!!!!!—Stoney


I’M BACK!!!!! I know you all been waiting. The fish are in!!! Unfortunately the water is too. They are running 1800 cfs because of the rain. That’s over 2 gates. People are catching fish in the main river but most people are hitting the small creeks. We are cutting up fish. Coho’s, some browns, some steelhead, lots of Kings. Be careful–waters high—fish the small creeks (trout brook, Orwell, south sandy, ect.) I have pictures to put in–they will be soon. —-Stoney