2016 Fishing Report

10/11/2016 Fish are starting to roll in. The fish are late compared to years past. The charter boats are still catching them on the lake and they are usually dry docked by now. The eggs are just becoming loose. Seeing some nice coho's, kings and finally starting to see the first steelhead. Fish are on the huge size. Cut up a 28.5 lb. cohook, chinho crossbreed

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10-7-15 FISHING IS STARTING TO PICK UP FINALLY!!! LOTS OF COHO'S!! Big Kings!! We have a house trailer available for this weekend for up to 12 people. Anyone interested please call us at 1-315-298-2325.----Stoney

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2014 Fishing Reports

11-26-14 There are Steelies in the river but fish cleaning station is closed for now, so I do not have an accurate report for you right now. Talk soon. Here are some pictures from the season (click on them to see them bigger): 11-17-14 Snow is on the ground. Steelies are in the river. Not cutting up much fish right now. Winterizing campground. Leaving some

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2013 Fishing Reports

10-7-13 Crazy numbers are coming in the river!!!! These Salmon are the biggest I've seen!!! Nice amount of Coho's, a few steelhead here and there. Tornado watch right now and it is raining. NOW IS THE TIME!!!! Gotta Go.------FISH=-ON--->---Stoney 10-2-13 Cutting up some really big numbers now. I HAVE A HOUSE TRAILER AND BUNKHOUSE OPEN FOR THIS WEEKEND!!!! I have a cabin open for the

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2012 Fishing Reports

10-25-12 Still cutting them up!! LOTS OF STEELIES!!!! Browns are starting to come in and a fresh run of Kings have come up also. Few people. Beautiful Cohos!!!! I am disgusted with the trash I am seeing on the river. To all the people making this trash, I don't have much to say to you non-caring idiots. This message is for everyone else. ANYONE SEEING

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2011 Fishing Reports

10-26-11 FISH ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!! STEELIES ARE IN, IN A BIG WAY!!! The water is high but the creeks and diversions are the place to be. My buddy told me he saw 20 people in town and just about everyone had a steelie on. Browns are starting to come up also. If you plan on fishing, now is the time to do it. Hardly any people

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2010 Fishing Reports

11-05-10 The 3 video's finally went through. I will edit them together next time----KEWL HUH??? Here they are: Oct.30 Oct.31 Oct.31--------Lots of Steelies and some Big Browns. Coho's and Kings are still in--getting old though.-----Stoney 11-01-10 The salmon are still in. The concentrations are upstream and the creeks. Tons of Steelies. Got to fish for them if you want to catch them. Big monster browns.

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