Still cutting them up!! LOTS OF STEELIES!!!! Browns are starting to come in and a fresh run of Kings have come up also. Few people. Beautiful Cohos!!!! I am disgusted with the trash I am seeing on the river. To all the people making this trash, I don’t have much to say to you non-caring idiots. This message is for everyone else. ANYONE SEEING SOMEONE TRASH THIS RIVER PLEASE, PLEASE SAY SOMETHING TO THESE WASTES OF FLESH!!!!! I personally might give some free dental work to the next person I see littering!!!!!! I know we did not create this mess but it wouldn’t kill us to try to start to correct the problem by bringing a trash bag into the woods and helping clean up this mess. Educating the trash bugs is a total must but ignoring the problem is not acceptable also. If your going to drink, bring a bag with you, PLEASE. My mind is truly boggled. It weighs less on the way out!!??? Litterers, you have been warned!!!! God Bless everyone who takes this the right way. PEACE.——Stoney


Fish are still coming in. Lots of Steelies. I talked to someone who saw 40 Steelies go by him down back in a matter of 2 hours. They are throughout the river now. Kings and Cohos and some browns. Anyone who bought a yellow pair of polarized glasses from me, please contact me. My distributor has just told me that they were not polarized. I Deeply apologize and will reimburse anyone who has bought a pair from me. I DID NOT KNOW. Glasses must be mailed back of course. They were taken of the shelves. Lots of openings for this weekend. Fish are still here. Give us a call at 1-315-298-2325 to place a reservation. Thankx.—–Stoney


Nice amount of Steelies. Some fresh Kings have come up and the creeks are holding salmon due to the rain. They raised the river to 600 for 4 hours and then turned it down to 280 cfs for a few days. Really nice colored cohos. We have openings for cabins, house trailers and small trailers for this week and weekend. Call us at 1-315-298-2325 to place a reservation. Thankx—-Stoney


Seeing a decent number of Steelies. The Cohos coming in have really nice color. Fish are in Trout Brook and Orwell. Lots of Kings.—-Stoney


UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! RECORD NUMBERS!!!! People are telling me they haven’t seen fishing like this for over 20 years. Seeing more and more Steelies, some more Browns and Tons of Coho and of course, the Kings. Bigger fish are coming in every day!!! I have some cabins open for next weekend due to cancellations. Don’t forget to book for Steely season which will be doing great by the 3rd week in October, running all the way to April. We have cabins, trailers and house trailers available.—–FISH-ON—Stoney


FISHING IS “EPIC”!!!!! Crazy amounts of fish. If you can’t hook a fish, with this amount of fish, you don’t have a hook on!!!!! Big KINGS, STEELIES, some BROWNS and Lots & Lots of COHOS!!!! FISH ARE HUGE!!!! We have cut up record numbers. Get your asses up here!!!!—Got to go.—Stoney


I have 2 cabins available that sleep 4 each for this weekend due to cancellations. Call 1-315-298-2325 to place a reservation.

People are seeing large numbers of fish. Lots of people are telling me that this was their best trip ever. Cohos came in and I am getting reports of lots of steelies coming in. Monster runs!!!! Get your asses up here, now is the time!!! What are you doing still reading this. Pack your bags, get in the car, kiss the woman and tell her your going to the store, and go!!!!!!! —FISH ON—><(((,))*>——Stoney


Huge runs of salmon have come in!!! Cohos have finally been showing up and I have heard about some steelies and browns that are starting to come up. I have also heard there is a wall of kings and coho’s from salmon river to the power plant in Oswego staging to come up. We just had some nice rain on tuesday and that will definitely trigger more fish to run. Everyone is telling me best fishing ever. People are coming in with limits.—-Stoney


FISH ARE IN!!!! If you didn’t already hear? Tuesday and Wed. were some HUGE runs. I saw a video of Tuesdays run coming up Douglaston and there were THOUSANDS OF FISH. We are cutting them up good. The Mayhem has begun. Here we go again.—-Stoney