Crazy numbers are coming in the river!!!! These Salmon are the biggest I’ve seen!!! Nice amount of Coho’s, a few steelhead here and there. Tornado watch right now and it is raining. NOW IS THE TIME!!!! Gotta Go.——FISH=-ON—><)))))))),(*>—Stoney


Cutting up some really big numbers now. I HAVE A HOUSE TRAILER AND BUNKHOUSE OPEN FOR THIS WEEKEND!!!! I have a cabin open for the whole month. I have a couple of Full-Hook-Up sites available also. Anyone interested, Please Call 1-315-298-2325. Seeing some Steelhead and some nice Browns lately. The Mayhem has begun!!! Weather is great!! Call me.——Stoney


Slowed down a bit. Nights are getting cool. Fish are still at 100 feet. We are cutting them up. 33 pounder in the station yesterday. Seeing some coho’s and a few nice browns. Saw a 14 lb. Brown my buddy caught in douglaston (showed me the picture–he had to let in go of course). Sandy Creek is turning on. The quiet before the storm is happening!!! Epic, Monster Runs are in the midst!!! Fish are throughout the river. Down back is always producing something. Talk soon.—Fish-On—Stoney


Went fishing wed. night in the lake just past the breaker walls and went 2 for 15. Of course lost the biggest one at the boat (my fault). It was in the 30 lb. range. The fish were silver as can be!! Fish are throughout the river and there was another run that came in a day ago or 2. People are having no problem catching them and are having a great time. These fish are FRESH!!!! Gonna be a great season and seems to be no shortage of fish. If you can get up here early, it is totally worth it!! Have a few openings for lodging this weekend. Not many people up yet, lots of fish. Tuesday there were 500 fish (at least) above “Ace in the Hole” out back. Later.—Stoney


Fish are IN! Had some nice pods of fish come up for about 3 weeks or more now. Nice numbers throughout the river now. Down back doing alright. A nice pod of Coho’s came up and were down back 2 days ago. Hearing people talk about some steelhead and brown trout. Big, Big Kings!!! The run has started and it will be about a week until the UNGODLY amounts of salmon arrive. Nobody is here, lmao!? They are still catching fish at 180 feet on the lake. This season has the potential of being the best run EVER!!!! Sites are going fast! If your thinking of coming up please call us at 1-315-298-2325 to place a reservation. Campsites, lodging, RV sites. Still have some openings.—FISH-ON—Stoney—><(((-,))*<