FISH ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!! STEELIES ARE IN, IN A BIG WAY!!! The water is high but the creeks and diversions are the place to be. My buddy told me he saw 20 people in town and just about everyone had a steelie on. Browns are starting to come up also. If you plan on fishing, now is the time to do it. Hardly any people here and the weather isn’t bad yet. We have openings for lodging, full hook ups and camping. Call us at 1-315-298-2325.———FISH-ON——-><)))((*>—Stoney


Fish are everywhere. Steelies are starting to come up more and more each day. Have a cabin open this weekend due to a cancelation, sleeps 4 people. Give us a call at 1-315-298-2325 to get it. Raining right now lightly. Been real warm here lately besides the rain. Now is the time. —-Stoney


Cutting up a bunch of fish. Rain finally stopped and should bring up a lot of fish. Fish are throughout the river. We had a few cancellations and we do have openings for lodging available. I have a house trailer open from the 3rd – 15th of October. Anyone interested call us at



Raining since last night. Should bring in a bunch more fish. IF ANYONE WANTS TO BOOK—CALL ME AT 1-315-298-2325—DO NOT EMAIL—REPEAT–DO NOT EMAIL. —THANKS–Stoney


I’m Back!! Fish are in!!! Lots and Lots of Coho. Big Kings. Few Steelhead right now but numbers are growing. Fish are very healthy. the madness begins!!—-Stoney